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From Saturday 6 Jan 2024 Globe and Mail - High Price Bike Touring.

This article gives an idea of the potential revenue from cycle tourism.
The cost of the trip outlined below is $8,999!

"Confident that Canadians want to explore more of their own country, Toronto-based tour operator Butterfield & Robinson is running a new Quebec cycling tour in 2024. Travellers will spend seven days cycling from Montreal to Quebec City, passing through picturesque villages, such as 300-year-old Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly, and making stops to sample the region’s finest culinary offerings – from fromageries to bakeries to wineries. Overnights are spent at five-star hotels along the route. Hybrid road bikes and e-bikes are available for this all-inclusive, culturally immersive experience. Roadies looking for a fancier ride, however, can consider B&R’s 2024 cycling trips in Chile, Japan and Europe, where travellers mount its new ultralight bikes. The upgraded, carbon-fibre frame road bikes were custom-designed and offer electronic shifting and hydraulic disc brakes that promise a smoother, faster journey. At the very least, these sleek two-wheel wonders will give every guest enough power to have their own breakaway moment." By Catherine Dawson March.

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