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Level Two – “Doing a Little More”

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Level Three – “Going the Extra Mile”

  • Become a liaison in your local community to support and promote this initiative by joining the FORT-VI Working Group. Contact us at

You can help by adding your support by signing our petition below. The wording for our petition (which you can read by clicking ‘READ THE PETITION’ button) is:

I support removal of the track on the E&N rail bed and converting the corridor into a non-motorized, multi-use, recreation trail.

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Letters sent by FORT-VI supporters:

July 26, 2017

Dear Mayor Jangula and Councilors

Thank you for the work you do in our community, we are especially appreciative of the collaborative efforts in working with the Regional District.

Today we are writing to request your support in the efforts of many Comox Valley residents to convert the unused and largely abandoned railway corridor from rail to trail.  When we purchased our home in 2008, it was possible to travel to Victoria by rail.  We looked forward to taking this trip, perhaps for the reason that rail travel reminds us of simpler and unhurried lives. However, like many others, we never did. The cost, inconvenient schedule, and slow travel made it unattractive, and it remained a fantasy.

It has now been six years since rail service was discontinued, and while the Island Corridor Foundation (ICF) is enthusiastic about the re-establishment of rail service, it is questionable that this will ever happen.  The tracks continue to deteriorate as costs to upgrade continue to increase. Support appears to be dwindling with the Regional District of Nanaimo withdrawing its financial support and the Snaw-Naw-As First Nations filing a civil claim in the BC Supreme Court against the ICF and the Attorney General. We understand that the local Rotary group has withdrawn its support for funding of the renovation to the Courtenay train station.

As you know, there is a very strong cycling community in the Comox Valley, a group which actively supports local businesses.  We are avid cyclists and our cycling groups always seek out trails to ride as an alternative to our busy roads and highways. The conversion to a multi use trail is a low cost alternative that will boost the economies of the Comox Valley and Vancouver Island with tourism dollars, while providing healthy and safe recreational opportunities for Comox Valley residents.

We look forward to your furthering this initiative which has widespread, and growing, community support.


Robyn Rushford and Keith Wallace